Jupyter Problems (2)

To connect to the Jupyter/IPython notebooks, go to the URL: https://tools.cs.earlham.edu/jupyter.

An alternative way to access this site is by going to https://tools.cs.earlham.edu and selecting the Jupyter/IPython button.

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With so many people using the Notebook and python kernel, sometimes it gets  a little stuck.  It’s possible that the kernel has been temporarily overloaded and just needs a restart.

  1. Make sure you save your notebook file. Restarting the kernel should not affect it, but it’s better to be on the safe side.
  2. On the toolbar at the top of your notebook, click the ‘Kernel’ option.
  3. On the drop-down, click ‘Restart.’
  4. A popup asking if you want to restart or continue running will open. Click ‘Restart.’

You’ve just restarted your kernel. On the right edge the toolbar, a blue box saying ‘Connected’ and the ‘Kernel Ready’ should flash by. The kernel is now ready. Try running your code again from the top.

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